2021      publication metrozehnelf magazine, Frankfurt am Main

2021      when matter becomes visible as waves phenomena will appear
               rite of passage, collaboration with Dewi Vingerling, De Blauwe Dwaas, Tilburg (group)
2021      de space, Maakgemeenschap de Hoop, Zaandam (group)
2021      rite of passage, collaboration with Dewi Vingerling, kilotheek, Utrecht (solo)
2021      the fountain’s excrete, tiny art gallery, The Hague (group)
2021      kilotheek expo, Utrecht (solo)
2020      omhelzingen van ongemak, upscale gallery, Rotterdam (solo)
2020      subject to change, gallery window NR8, Arnhem (solo)
2020      the essentials shop, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam (group)
2020      online exhibition De Bouwput, Amsterdam
2020      online exhibition Punch! exhibition space, Amsterdam
2019      speedyharmonycollectorthings, Oostelijk Meterhuis, Amsterdam (group)
2019      mim fundraiser, WestergasTheater, Amsterdam (group)
2018      the ever incomplete character of being, Klaproos Amsterdam (solo)
2017      simulacrum: spectrum #5 | textiel, Theatercafé de Richel, Amsterdam
2017      neu now, online festival  
2016      light up collective x anouk van wijk, Art in the Dark, Hilversum (group)
2016      in the light: new narratives, Lighthouse, Amsterdam (group)
2016      ruwe diamant festival, CineTol, Amsterdam (group)
2016      galerie jansen-noy, Sevenum (duo)
2016      this is the ever unfinished, ever creating body, graduationshow,
               Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht
2015      designers on display, Bijenkorf, Utrecht (group)
2015      deceptive appearance, ‘SKEK, Amsterdam (duo)

2020        sick artworks - a quarantined collection, Patty Morgan
2019        patty’s newborns, Patty Morgan
2017        interview and editorial, Garment Magazine
2017        neu now, nxt-creatives

2021-present     Master Art and Performance Research Studies
                            Artistic Research specialization
                            University of Amsterdam
2012-2016         Bachelor of Design (with Honours)
                            Fashion Design specialization
                            University of the Arts Utrecht

2020-present     chairperson ceramic workshop, Maakgemeenschap De Hoop
2020-present     educator fashion design, B Academy Amsterdam | Arnhem | Eindhoven
2018-present     costume design Toneelgroep Oostpool, Arnhem
2019                   costume design Bos Theaterproducties
2018-2019         studio assistant Morgan Courtois, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
2017-2019         floormanager, Hermitage Amsterdam
2018                   ceramics workshop, IMC weekendschool, Amsterdam
2015                   studio assistant Marques’Almeida, internship, London


Anouk van Wijk (1994) graduated from the Fashion Department of University of the Arts Utrecht in 2016. After working on some collaborations, publications and performances in fashion, she decided to take a different turn with her artist practice and started to look into the field of Fine Arts. Working from her studio in Amsterdam, she explores the relationship between the human body and our position towards the bodily presence and its constantly altering, ever creating nature.

artist statement

From the moment I took part in my first elementary school biology class and started learning about the great miracles of nature, I began to develop a fascination for the greatest miracle of all times: the functioning of the human body. I became aware of bodily processes like growth, reproduction and the immune system. After a while I started devouring the medical encyclopedia, I couldn’t get enough of it. I kept it hidden in my room and browsed through all the fascinating shapes concealed within the human body.

The inexhaustible source of my inspiration is the human body and our position towards the bodily presence and its constantly altering, ever creating nature. I usually work with the body in an unapologetic, honest manner which results in works that are simultaneously appealing and revolting. I approach the body as an incomplete figure that is unfinished, outgrows itself, transgresses its own limits; the ever incomplete character of being.

I aim to communicate a subjective visual description to address an intersubjective feeling. While doing so, I hope to enhance our collective understanding of how we connect with our bodies. To allow bodies to honor their differences while simultaneously embracing the homogeneity in this shared feeling. I use textures that both attract and repel to help the spectator reach a deep feeling of recognition, an acknowledgement of identity. The viewer can experience a sense of eroticism, a subtle sensuality. I wish to create a feeling people can relate to, without the form being too literal.

Through my art I share a festive, rebellious celebration of existence.