2024     publication of how to slide on slippery surfaces: a collection sloppy fieldnotes, sticky thoughts, and soft connections on Cosmogrammatics [by Michaela Büsse & Johannes Bruder in collaboration with Hackers & Designers]. project in collaboration with Iulia Aionesi. 

2024     residency at TUO TUO Project Space & Residency, Joutsa, Finland  

selected exhibitions
2023      a seat for a table, a sun for the sky, graduation show Artistic Research UvA, De Appel, Amsterdam [group]
2022      selected works, suburbia event at Garage Noord, Amsterdam [group]
2022     to walk in a neatly paved but heavily trembling world, exhibition at GinDS, Hoofddorp [group]
2022      please, allow me to peel off these layers of ferociously treated but carefully preserved covering
               midterm exhibition at NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam [group]
2021      stART!, FactorIJ kunstuitleen, Amsterdam [group]
2021      when matter becomes visible as waves phenomena will appear
               rite of passage, collaboration with Dewi Vingerling, De Blauwe Dwaas, Tilburg [group]
2021      selected works at Maakgemeenschap de Hoop, Zaandam [group]
2021      rite of passage, collaboration with Dewi Vingerling, kilotheek, Utrecht [duo]
2021      the fountain’s excrete, tiny art gallery, The Hague [group]
2021      selected works at kilotheek expo, Utrecht [solo]
2020      omhelzingen van ongemak, upscale gallery, Rotterdam [solo]
2020      subject to change, gallery window NR8, Arnhem [solo]
2020      the essentials shop, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam [group]
2019      selected works at speedyharmonycollectorthings, Oostelijk Meterhuis, Amsterdam [group]
2019      your edges gentle-sharp and strange at mim: a queer fundraiser for the benefit of refugees, WestergasTheater, Amsterdam [group]
2018      the ever incomplete character of being, Klaproos Amsterdam [solo]

fashion design showings
2017      simulacrum: spectrum #5 | textiel, Theatercafé de Richel, Amsterdam
2016      light up collective x anouk van wijk, Art in the Dark, Hilversum [group]
2016      in the light: new narratives, Lighthouse, Amsterdam [group]
2016      ruwe diamant festival, CineTol, Amsterdam [group]
2016      galerie jansen-noy, Sevenum [duo]
2016      this is the ever unfinished, ever creating body, graduationshow,
               Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht
2015      designers on display, Bijenkorf, Utrecht [group]
2015      deceptive appearance, ‘SKEK, Amsterdam [duo]

2023     Letní škola Maříž / Sommerschule Mayres: spiritual experiment and collective habitat in practice, Czech Republic
2022     FieldARTS residency: transitional waters, ASCA & NICA, Amsterdam, IJmuiden, Texel
2022     residency [June] and exhibition [September] at GinDS, Hoofddorp

2023    contribution in the multi-authored FieldArts Field Docket, edited by Fred Carter & Jeff Diamanti, published by Sonic Acts press, Amsterdam
2023    publication of essay a eulogy for the lost and the living in Simulacrum Magazine, Amsterdam

2023        i play, you play, we play a squiggly game, featured project,
2023        a seat for a table, a sun for the sky, e-flux education
2021        miniatuurkunst van grote waarde, mention of the fountain’s excrete in Den Haag Centraal, p.21, May 27, 2021
2020        sick artworks - a quarantined collection, Patty Morgan
2019        patty’s newborns, Patty Morgan
2017        interview and editorial, Garment Magazine
2017        neu now, nxt-creatives

2023       public event, sharing outcomes of Letní škola Maříž residency at Floating University, Berlin
2023       lecture at Talking Phantoms: symposium on hauntology and artistic research in The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague
2023       laboratory research project at The Material Incubator, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2022       guest lecture for the course Creatieve Denkprocessen at HKU Kunst & Economie, Utrecht

2021-2023         Master Art and Performance Research Studies [cum laude]
                            Artistic Research specialization
                            University of Amsterdam
2012-2016         Bachelor of Design [with honours]
                            Fashion Design and Textiles specialization
                            University of the Arts Utrecht

other professional experience
2020-present     educator fashion design, B Academy Amsterdam | Arnhem | Eindhoven
2018-2022         costume department Toneelgroep Oostpool, Arnhem
2020-2021         co-founder ceramic workspace, Maakgemeenschap De Hoop
2019                   costume department Bos Theaterproducties
2018-2019         studio assistant Morgan Courtois, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
2017-2019         floormanager, De Nieuwe Kerk & Hermitage Amsterdam
2018                   ceramics workshop leader, IMC weekendschool, Amsterdam
2015                   studio assistant Marques’Almeida, internship, London

Anouk van Wijk [1994] graduated from the Fashion Department of University of the Arts Utrecht in 2016 and the research master in Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam in 2023. She works as a visual artist on goods in the realm of sculptures, writings, textiles, and installations. Sliding through landscapes of eerie spirits, she explores the dynamic character of the bodies of humans, animals, plants, micro-organisms, and other beings. From this idea of endless mutability she approaches the concepts around which her work revolves; the ever incomplete character of being, with the body as an ever incomplete figure. The ~slimy~soft~pliable~hairy~shiny~wet~ textures make the works balance the thin border between feelings of attraction and repulsion.